Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin:

As a company, we do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and welcome Persons of all Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

  • Q: How much is my rent?

    A: The monthly rent amount due can be found on your conditional approval letter that was emailed to you and/or in your tenant portal online.
  • Q: When is my security deposit due? How do I pay my security deposit? How much do I owe?

    A: Your security deposit is due immediately upon application approval, as the property remains on the market until the security deposit is paid in full. Whoever pays the security deposit first will be approved as the tenant. A property will not be held or removed for any other reason. The security deposit amount can be found on your tenant portal. This amount is determined by your credit score/history, eviction, rental history, and/or bankruptcy information provided.
  • Q: Is a rental verification required?

    A: Rental verification forms may be sent to you via DocuSign for your previous landlords to complete. These must be returned to finalize your application, if applicable.
  • Q: Who must apply?

    A: All persons 18 years or older who will live in the property have completed a separate rental application authorizing background, credit, rental, and eviction history checks. Failure to do so may be classified as falsification of your application and may be grounds for immediate termination of your lease agreement. We cannot fully complete your application until your additional party(s) has/have submitted their application(s), as well.
  • Q: Is verification of Income required?

    A: Yes. Please submit your last 2 pay stubs for income verification, your job offer letter, if relocating; or, if self-employed, your last two years tax returns when submitting your application. A copy of the paperwork verifying any additional income listed on your application is required, as well (if applicable).

    Provide a separate email address for each adult (18 or older) on the lease.
  • Q: Can I make payments from multiple sources?

    A: Payments can be made for any amount. Simply enter the amount you desire from the source you desire and process.
  • Q: Can my rent be paid in cash?

    A: YES! A cash payment slip must be printed from your tenant portal to take to the vendors who accept cash payments on our behalf. Please note: We do not accept cash payments in our office. Also, Security Deposits must be paid via E-CHECK or credit card only.
  • Q: Are pets allowed?

    A: Some homeowners do allow pets. You must check with the property manager to ensure the home you wish to apply to rent accepts pets before submitting your application. All pets must be screened to determine the amount of the non-refundable pet fee(s) that must be paid before or at move-in. If you have a pet and your pet is classified as a service animal, you are still required to complete the pet screening process. The link to screen your pet(s) is: https://rentvivid.petscreening.com/
  • Q: What identification is required to rent a property?

    A: Your driver's license or other U.S. Government-issued identification is required. A copy of your social security card may also be required.
  • Q: What if I have had a bankruptcy?

    A: A copy of bankruptcy dismissal paperwork must be provided.
  • Q: Who is responsible for the utilities?

    A: Schedule utilities to be turned on or transferred into your name on your lease commencement date. Our FREE concierge Utility Service, Citizen Home Solutions, will be contacting you by phone to help you set up your utilities. This free service assists you with connecting utilities, cable and internet based on your area. If you have not heard from Citizen Home Solutions go to our website at the link below to set up your utilities: http://myfreeconnection.com/vividpm/
  • Q: How do I protect my security deposit?

    A: Vivid PM has implemented the latest in technology for the protection of your security deposit. You can now document the move-in condition of your rental property with your smartphone using MyWalkThru. This app will allow you to take detailed photos and make comments regarding the condition of your property at move-in. The cost of this app is paid for by Vivid PM. You will need to go to the app store/google play store and download MyWalkThru. Your access code will not activate until the first day of your lease period as outlined in the lease you sign. Vivid PM will send you an email containing your username and password to use as login credentials. Upon completion of your walk thru, you will be prompted to submit your notations/photos to us through the app. Please note that you will be allotted 5 days after the commencement date of your lease to submit photos/notations using this app. A report will be sent back to Vivid PM and become a part of your file. This report will be used in comparison against the move-out report we conduct after you have vacated and surrender the home.